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Wynk Downloader – Download mp3 files

Are you scratching your head to find the download location of mp3 files in Wynk?
Give yourself rest and use the simplified interface of Wynk Downloader. Here is the awaited Wynk Downloader, from which you can download mp3 files from Wynk. This will allow you to play songs from your any favorite music players.

This version is limited to rooted phones.
This app doesn’t work on recent versions of Wynk, If you are using more recent version than, you need to downgrade to older version. You can download the older version from the links provided below. It’s not very old and UI is same as current version.

Steps to use Wynk Downloader

1. Start Wynk Downloader application, Select the folder path for saving mp3 files, Switch it on.


2. Start Wynk application, Click on download button for any song. Wait for a while till download starts and you see downloading icon in notification. Click on Fetch Link. Stop the download. Repeat this to fetch link for any song.


3. Click on notification icon of Wynk Downloader to close the “Fetch Link” popup.


4. You will get list of songs to be downloaded. Click on download icon to download the songs.



5. You can find the downloaded songs in your given location.


Download Links

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Cash on Delivery for IRCTC tickets booked online

irctc cash on delivery
Having 2 lacs individual visitors daily resulting in more than 100000 booking of tickets, still a large chunk of booking is done on railway counters and through agents. IRCTC has come one step ahead to make bookings convenient and reachable to more people.

IRCTC has launched cash on delivery service of tickets for bookings made online. The service is aimed at targeting customers who are reluctant to use their bank credit card or those who don’t have net-banking enabled bank account or cards.

A customer has to book ticket online and make the payment while delivery of tickets. The delivery charges for each sleeper class ticket is Rs. 40 and Rs. 60 for AC class ticket. Customer has to book tickets five days in advance. The service is not available during 8 am to 12 pm.

The project has been launched on pilot basis in 200 cities. Though IRCTC already provides ticket delivery through I-ticket and phone booking, only difference is cash on delivery for payment mode.

Anduril Technologies through their website and their App – has been authorized for providing CoD services.

Indian Online Music providers

Indian internet users’ behaviors are changing. People have started to show more love towards streaming content. That’s why more competition  is coming into the field of music streaming. From IndiaTimes to Airtel, all are trying to catch users. The main focus is to provide more subscriptions rather than ad based streaming to compensate for license fees. To attract Indian users, pricing has been made very affordable. Option for carrier based billing has been added also. There are a number of online music providers specially for India. Each one is having their own pros and cons. Let’s compare popular music streaming providers and get some useful tips and tricks for using them.

1. Gaana

Gaana owned by IndiaTimes is number one in terms of users count. Recent changes in the UI has made it very polished.

Plus Points:
  • You can earn upto Rs. 100 talktime by referring your friends to download mobile application. You earn times points for different activities, which you can redeem later for goodies.
  • Radio and Playlists are having nice collection of songs.
  • Addition of social activities, You can see what your friends have listened.
  • You can get lyrics and video for some songs. Even Karaoke option is there, you can record your voice and listen. Though these features are available on web only.
  • Option of carrier based payment for one day(Rs 5) and 7 days(Rs 30) subscription.
Minus Points:
  • For some of the current trending songs, you get the most annoying pop up “this song is available on web only”. It means you cannot play the song on your mobile device.
  • No equalizer

2. Saavn

Saavn once partnered with google to reach the broader audience. You must have seen Ranbir Kapoor promoting Saavn.

Plus Points:


  • Saavn gives you option to set your playback speed to a bottom of 8 kbps. Even if you are in very slow network, you can get uninterrupted streaming.
  • Get two month pro subscription when you do shopping on Snapdeal.
  • Simply Tweet your song requests to @SaavnRadio to add these to Radio. More details
  • Seven days free trial for first time users.
  • Option of carrier based payment for one day(Rs 5), 7 days(Rs 30) and 30 days(Rs 110) subscription.
  •  Having way around for subscriptions, You can use Lucky patcher, Cracked APK file or Saavn Downloader
Minus Points:
  • No Equalizer
  • Maximum playback bits rate is limited to 128 kbps in both mobile and web, even if you are a paid user.

3. Wynk


Plus Points:
  • Ad free for free users also.
  • Free one month trial.
  • Best offer of airtel subscribers. One month subscription at just Rs. 29. For Rs 129 get one month subsciption without any data charges. Be cautious though because free data is limited to 500 songs only.
  • Easy and fluid UI
Minus Points:
  • No Equalizer
  • Not available on web.

4. Hungama


Plus Points:
  • One month free trial.
  • Addition of videos, though you can’t play full videos in free version.
Minus Points:
  • No option for carrier based payment. Only one plan available, Rs 110 per month
  • Most advertisements among all.

5. Other Online Music provoders

(Vodafone Music, Guvera Music,,, Dhingana and more…)

Guvera looks promising, I was wondering, i was able to play cached songs in offline mode also.
Vodafone Music is currently available to Vodafone subscribers only. They are providing one month free subscription on verifying your mobile number.
Raaga, MusicIndiaOnline, Dhingana, these used to be pioneer when big players were not in the battle.
MusicIndiaOnline is trying new user interfaces, but it doesn’t look promising enough to make a come back.
Dhingana has been acquired by Rdio, which is not available in india yet. Rdio will be launched in India soon.
Google Play Music the default music player of most of the android devices is having very less collection of Indian music.

The battle will be high when the biggest international music provider enters India, You guessed it right, Spotify. India is a difficult market because users are splitted into many regions and getting licenses is hard.
The revolution has begun, gaana and saavn leaded it. As of now, Saavn has maximum downloads of 10 million on Play Store.

Final Ratings

UI, & Features Overall Songs Availability Regional Songs Availablity Platform Ease of Use
Gaana (4 / 5) (4 / 5) (4 / 5) android ios windows  web (4 / 5)
Saavn (3.5 / 5) (4.5 / 5) (4.5 / 5) android ios web (4 / 5)
Wynk (4 / 5) (4 / 5) (4 / 5) android ios (4.5 / 5)
Hungama (3.5 / 5) (3 / 5) (3.5 / 5) android ios windows  web (3.5 / 5)