Wynk Downloader – Download mp3 files

Are you scratching your head to find the download location of mp3 files in Wynk?
Give yourself rest and use the simplified interface of Wynk Downloader. Here is the awaited Wynk Downloader, from which you can download mp3 files from Wynk. This will allow you to play songs from your any favorite music players.

This version is limited to rooted phones.
This app doesn’t work on recent versions of Wynk, If you are using more recent version than, you need to downgrade to older version. You can download the older version from the links provided below. It’s not very old and UI is same as current version.

Steps to use Wynk Downloader

1. Start Wynk Downloader application, Select the folder path for saving mp3 files, Switch it on.


2. Start Wynk application, Click on download button for any song. Wait for a while till download starts and you see downloading icon in notification. Click on Fetch Link. Stop the download. Repeat this to fetch link for any song.


3. Click on notification icon of Wynk Downloader to close the “Fetch Link” popup.


4. You will get list of songs to be downloaded. Click on download icon to download the songs.



5. You can find the downloaded songs in your given location.


Download Links

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52 thoughts on “Wynk Downloader – Download mp3 files”

    1. Finally Wynk downloader inatalled…..but still not working…error saying “add songs to the queue first”….How to resolve it…..Dear plz help me out…..

      1. Did you follow the steps I have written? And check your installed wynk version. It should be less than or equal to

        1. Yup bro….i have done all the steps correctly…nd also using the same version specified by you….but stilll….%# though your prevoius Saavn Downloader is working fine…Would u tell me how to add songs in queue…plz more simplify your steps

  1. Bro Wynk Downloader (given in links) is different from as shown in screeshots, they both have different UI…..chk it out….that one might work but…..im damn sure this one is not working..plz help me out nd post the same version …

        1. Bro its not a device issue….y don’t u post the same version of downloader shown in screenshot or youtube video….by the way i’m using rooted Spice Coolpad…i have also tried on micromax but on that too not working….nd i hope u will post the same version soon…

          1. Hey…i’ve Sent you mail with screenshots of App Info, Package name nd download.db file too…have a look nd get me out of this mess….my id is djoshi998@gmail.com….i badly need this downloader

          2. As far as i know ….my download manager’s package name would be….com.android.providers.downloads

          3. Thanks for reporting about the error. It was a big issue. It’s resolved in version 1.1, download this new version.

  2. Hey man Thank you very much for this great app!

    It is really useful but I would appreciate it if you could build an app to automate the download process as it is really tedious to download many songs in this process. Thank you.

      1. Will the new version support latest version of wynk. Is there any way to automatically cancel wynk download when link is fetched and download songs automatically without again starting them in wynk downloader. It is very tedious process to fetch link, then stop download and then again start download from wynk downloader.

    1. Click on download links at the bottom of the post. You will be redirected via safelink. Click visit links to get download urls of required files there.

    1. Click on download links at the bottom of the post. You will be redirected via safelink. Click visit links to get download urls of required files there.

    1. That’s correct. Not able to find ways to use in new version of Wynk and old version is getting forcefully updated. Will update if get anything new.

  3. Actually I had downloaded a large movie using wynk movies
    I’m not so expert but am somehow a bit trained from internet

    So would like to ask you if anyone knows where are wynk movies stored in device so I can rename it and then get it to desired location and next time will then use downloader

        1. I am sorry but Wynk downloader supports rooted phones only as of now. Even rooted version has stopped working. You can try using Saavn downloader, it’s available for non rooted phone also.

          1. I was using it 3 months ago… then it was working …… but now it shows can not fetch download link. ……

  4. initially i too had the problem of ” add songs to queue ” later i figured out dat its bcoz i was using jellybean… so now i flashed to lollypop and d downloader is working fine.

  5. The error is your sqlite3 header and version mismatch. Hence it could not parse the downloads.db to get the download URL.
    The solution is get the sqlite3 binary from the data/ data/ com.xxx.Titanium back up and transfer to system/ chin with 0755 rights…

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